Products We Carry

We may not be a large store but we do our best to be pro-active and know your needs for your craft whether it be a certain fiber, a book or just a simple threader. If there is something you may need and we do not have it, or you think would be a great addition, please let us know. We are here for you.


silk fibers in different colors
  • One thing Needlepoint Junction is known for is its variety of threads.
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Colorful ball of yarn
  • Check out our colorful selection of yarns from these manufacturers:
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Into today’s world, there are so many venues to check out new canvases, from what’s on the store walls, in various trunk shows and on-line. It’s impossible for us to carry every canvas available. We know not everyone’s taste is the same so try our best to ensure we have something for everyone!

Throughout the year, we provide several Trunk Shows along with what we have in the store. Additionally, we are always on the look- out for something new and exciting. However, because of today’s technology, we know it’s important to offer the ability to explore designer’s websites. (this is why we provide links on our website) While trolling if you find what you’re looking for, let us know and we will order it for you.

PS: Don’t forget if we can get it for you, we offer a 10% discount for ordering it through us.

Notions & Accessories

notions for needlepoint and knitting
  • Having all the items you need in one place makes your life a little simpler.
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needlepoint bible
  • We know that not all people are alike and learn the same way.
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