About Our Talented Staff

The team at Needlepoint Junction is one of empowerment and a willingness to be the best we can be. While we are all different in our passions and creativity, our core values are what bind us together. We all love what we do. We are all committed to creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and inspiring so you can shine through your projects.


At about 8 years of age,  I held my first paint brush in my hand and fell in love with the way the oils melded together and created amazing sceneries with such depth and texture. Before that, my Nana taught me how to hook rugs with hand-dyed wools. The pictures created with a small hook and a strip of wool blew my mind. I was so amazed by the artistry and finished product.

As I grew my love for color and design never left me. Not too long ago, I found this small Needlepoint Boutique on Hilton Head Island and knew I was in the right place.  I am so in awe of what comes in from the finishers and the talented people whose creativity came alive on the canvas.

Barbara – AKA Barb

Upon moving to Hilton Head 16 years ago, I have become and avid golfer and Needle-pointer. My love of needlecrafts started when my grandmother taught me to knit as a child. I knitted all my stockings for all my grandchildren and my children’s spouses.

At this point, my passion is NeedIe point. I love to make Christmas ornaments every year for my 8 grandchildren. It is such a joy to see their faces light up when they receive them. Being at the store allows me to meet other people who love to Needlepoint as much as I do.


My husband and I retired to Hilton Head Island in 2002. In 2003 I found
Needlepoint Junction and started coming on Thursdays to “Sit and Knit”-
and never left.

With a retail background joining forces with Needlepoint Junction as their Knitting Instructor came easy. At one point I owned a Women’s Wear Boutique in Connecticut and a Day Spa. I love being creative and bringing new ideas to life.

I am looking forward to creating classes for new and experienced knitters.


For many years I have been an avid needle worker. I started out Knitting and then found Needlepoint and Counted Cross Stitch which eventually led to a deep passion for Quilting. My hands are always working on something.

I love the process and working with different threads and colors. Being a “leftie” has given me a different way of approaching some of my projects. I enjoy my customers and get a great deal of inspiration from them.


I’ve been stitching for over 40 years – while moving 8 times in 18 years  needlepoint has always been my go to stress reliever, creative outlet, and an easy way to meet new people !  I started stitching with tapestry wool – the only thread available – and have seen the creative explosion of threads from natural fibers  like bamboo and linen to man made ribbons and metallics. What fun!

I love teaching and introducing needlepointers to new fibers and techniques. I’ve been lucky enough to take classes from national designers but i always learn the most from the stitchers walking through the doors of the store!  Can’t wait to see what’s next in the needlepoint universe.


I fell in love with Hilton Head Island in 1979 and finally moved here permanently in 1998.  I owned the Hookers Nook, a needlepoint and custom frame shop in Deerfield, Illinois for 20 years, selling it to an employee in 1995.

The two great loves in my life are my family (3 children and 6 grandchildren) and my friends.  I enjoy golf, bridge mahjong and of course needlepoint and knitting.  I also enjoy spending summer -time in the mountains, Highlands, North Carolina.